The Product

What it is

RUB A DUB exterior is an eco-friendly, complete waterless car cleaning solution with Carnauba wax for the exterior of your car.

what it does

RUB A DUB exterior uses special formulas that lift, soften and emulsify dirt and contaminants on contact. The liquid is then gently removed using ultra microfiber towels which preserve the paint surface unlike any machine in traditional car washes. Finally, the haze left on the vehicle is buffed into the paint. The RUB A DUB process is completely scratch-free and leaves your paint with a deep, lustrous shine, and protected by Teflon and Carnauba wax.

WHAT else you need to know

Environmentally friendly solution. 
Biodegradable & non-toxic.  
No harmful propellants. 
Non-aerosol technology.  
Reusable sprayer.


•  Shake the bottle of RUB A DUB exterior well before use.
•  MIST a layer of RUB A DUB exterior on the outside of the vehicle, one panel at a time.


•  ALWAYS use a clean microfiber towel to WIPE dirt trapped in the RUB A DUB exterior solution and lift it away from the paint's surface.


•  Use a fresh microfiber towel to BUFF the haze left by the Carnauba wax in RUB A DUB exterior into the vehicle's paint until shiny.


Every time you choose RUB A DUB over the car wash, you are saving over one hundred gallons of water. ONE HUNDRED GALLONS. Choose RUB A DUB, the convenient and sustainable solution to your car care needs.

RUB A DUB supports the sustainability efforts of commercial properties. Our RUB A DUB car care products align with LEED Certification standards and are EPA compliant.