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The simple, intuitive and powerful mobility API. Building the next generation of end-to-end infrastructure for mobility companies.

What is RUB A DUB?

Connect your vehicle to RAD CLOUD through our API. Docking, charging and cleaning in one, all-inclusive suite. Automate the process with our RUB A DUB CLOUD API to have your vehicle search available DUB HUBS and automatically route itself to the nearest available space. Cut costs and increase up time.

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Our platform aggregates parking structures within the city for your autonomous vehicle to find area DUB HUBs.


Have your vehicle request a wash from a designated car care provider on the RAD platform. This occurs right in the parking space, waterlessly.


Find an EV charging space closest to your vehicles location. No need for a cental HUB, we have EV chargers located sporadically throughout the city.

Optimized Data

Find your cost drivers and view real time analytics with our optimized reporting analytics. See how often your vehicle is parked, charged and cleaned.

A native app for every platform

RUB A DUB is a cloud-based mobile and desktop app with a focus on security and speed. You can use it in any platform.


RUB A DUB’s monthly pricing is based on how many functions you need to start your fleet. If you ready to use RUB A DUB for a long time you can choose yearly plan and save some money.

Monthly Yearly


This is the basic plan for getting started and growing your business.

Contact Us

Contact Us

$1,500 billed monthly

Save 10%

Evening Parking

Weekly Cleaning

Nightly Charging

Integrated API

24/7 Customer support

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For start up mobility companies that work with a large and growing number of vehicles.

Contact Us

Contact Us

$2,500 billed monthly

Save 15%

Evening Parking

Weekly Cleaning

Nightly Charging

Surviellance Inspections

Integrated API

24/7 Customer support

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For companies with custom needs for large scale autonomous fleet deployment.

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Contact Us

$5,000 billed monthly

Save 20%

Anytime, Anywhere Parking

Anytime Cleaning

Anytime Charging

Surviellance Inspections

Custom API access

24/7 Customer support

Select plan

RUB A DUB has plans, from free to paid, that scale with your needs. Subscribe to a plan that fits the size of your business.

Have any questions?

Who is RUB A DUB for?

RUB A DUB is an end to end solution for the future of urban mobility. We cater to residents in urban areas. Our logistics software is for vehicle related transactions. We carry solutions for car care providers, autonomous vehicle fleets and commercial real estate developers / parking management companies.

How RUB A DUB works?

Our platform aggregates parking, EV chargers and area car care providers under one roof. We have an open ended API and mobile and web apps for tenants, patrons, daily parkers and autonomous vehicles. The future of sustainable transporation requires everyones help.

In which countries is RUB A DUB available?

Currently, RAD only operates within the United States. However, we are seeking expansion to other regions and hope to be an international company within the next 5 years.

What forms of payment do you accept?

RUB A DUB is implementing blockchain technology to place our entire service on a public ledger so that commercial developers, car care providers and autonomous vehicle transactions within Smart Cities in a machine-to-machine economy are transparent and without transaction costs.

What services does the RAD Platform include?

Parking, cleaning, charging, refueling and other assorted services can be aggregated on our platform quickly and seamlessly. The transaction will automatically be routed to all involved parties, same day.

Can I mix and match different add-ons?

We have different pricing metrics and tiers for autonomous vehicle fleets. Our commercial prices for daily parkers within structures are shown on our pricing page.

Integrate RUB A DUB across your fleet.

Integrate RUB A DUB into your fleet. Connect and synchronize your vehicle across our network of all inclusive DUB HUBs.

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